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The Almighty Dollar. We can never seem to get enough of it and there is always something going up to off set any increase in income we may have. One thing people really hate paying for: INSURANCE! Before I joined the insurance industry I felt about insurance the way everyone else does. READ MORE >>

Do you own an Underground Fuel Tank? If you haven't already, please consider getting it removed. Did you know that oil spills from leaking underground storage tanks at homes and gas stations are the largest single threat to groundwater quality in the United States? According to Attorney General Eric T Schneiderman; an estimated 1. READ MORE >>

Whether we like it or not, winter is on it's way.  The Travelers Insurance Company has some helpful maintenance tips to get your home prepared for the cold weather in advance: Your Heating System Before you give your heating system a workout this winter, take the time for preventive maintenance. READ MORE >>

  The Fourth of July is a time of celebration; but it's also a time of potentially dangerous activities such as cooking on an outdoor grill, waterfront activity and lighting fireworks. In order to keep your home and family safe this Fourth of July, please consider some of the following safety tips. READ MORE >>

Dinner Lit Up? Cooking has long been and continues to be the most common cause of home structure fires and home fire-related injuries. Whether preparing for a family dinner or a quick snack, practicing safe cooking behaviors can help keep you and your family safe. READ MORE >>

If you do a lot of your business online and/or handle sensitive personal information with your clients (credit card numbers, social security numbers, home addresses, etc.), you should consider cyber coverage. In considering this coverage, we must ask what is a “Cyber attack?” READ MORE >>

It’s that time of season and many folks are given expensive items that they’ve been waiting for all year. These items can range from platinum diamonds to an expensive men’s gold Rolex watch that you’ve been eyeing for some time. Thing is, if it were stolen, lost, or broken, what would you do? READ MORE >>

Happy Winter All! I am not sure about the rest of you but today is the first real day I have felt the cold this winter of 2016. Luckily the sun is shining but the winds make this 27 degrees all the more frigid. Hopefully some of you have some warm vacations planned! READ MORE >>

Yes, yes we hate getting those recommendations from those pesky insurance companies but proper tree maintenance can save your family from a world of hurt! Lightning and storms can knock out power lines or damage your property. READ MORE >>

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