Micro-Brewery and Tap Room Insurance in Connecticut

Brewing beer might start as a love for the craft but can evolve into a very lucrative business. Believe it or not, craft brewing is one of the state’s fastest growing industries. The state of Connecticut currently has 65 breweries, with 49 more in planning or ready to start up shortly. Back in 2013, there were only 2! People like beer, and it shows. But brewing is just the beginning of the process. Ensuring your product is safe from harm, quality controlled, well stored, marketed and distributed come next. Getting people to drink it is the easy part. A huge factor (albeit unsexy) in securing and maintaining a successful business model is to protect your Craft with the right Insurance.

Filling a glass of beer

Questions you do not want to have to think about at night: What if my Tank fermenter is knocked over by a forklift with my most expensive beer? What if my brand new $30,000 Steam Kettle suddenly explodes? What happens when my best brewer is laid up because a pallet of beer fell on him? What if someone gets too drunk in my brand new taproom, leaves and drives drunk straight into a building and sues me for all I have? If your business is properly insured; you can rest easy and let us take care of the rest. 

From Beer Production, to Beer Storage, Beer Contamination, Beer in Transit, Equipment Breakdown, Property coverage, Liquor Liability (Dram Shop), Workers Compensation to General Liability—we’ve got you covered. We work with National, reputable insurance companies that specialize in your field to make sure you are covered.  Unlike huge corporations, you will meet us and know us by name and never be routed to an 800 number. We are people, in the community, just like you. We will come to your location for an in person, in depth Risk Assessment to determine your business’ particular insurance needs and  create a tailored insurance program for your craft brewery.

Svendsen Insurance Agency provides insurance coverage to microbreweries in Fairfield County, New Haven County, Hartford, Litchfield, and New London.
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