Why Go Independent? Video
July 6, 2018

Why Go Independent? Video

In a world of choices, you deserve freedom and an insurance that works for you!
To some of us, every day is Independence Day. We celebrate that we get to make our own choices in life. Not to say we don’t welcome some advice on those choices. But we don’t want to be pushed in one direction or told just one side of the story. We like real options and we want help evaluating those options from people we know and trust.

So when we have to make a decision about something that’s really important to us, like insuring our families, our homes, our businesses; we don’t want to call some 800 number or click around on some website or even talk to someone who can only offer one answer. That’s why people that who value their own independence chose an independent insurance agent. You see some insurance agents work for only one company so they can’t offer you a choice of brands and polices.

But independent agents aren’t held captive by one company. they are free to tailor solutions to fit you, your needs, your life and help you make the choices that are right for you. And if you ever need to file a claim, your independent agent can help you through the process, so you can still be independent but never alone.

Declare you independence.

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