Who is Santa to you?
December 22, 2021

Who is Santa to you?

Santa and boy

I came across the sweetest story on Facebook the other day that really got me thinking and remembering why it is that we continue with the Santa tradition, long after we know “The Truth”?

If you or anyone you know has ever struggled with the question on when or how to tell the truth about Santa to your children, please read this heartwarming story. 

Son: “Mom, I think I’m old enough to know now. Is there a Santa Claus?”

 Mom: “Ok, I agree that you are old enough. But before I tell you, I have a question for you. You see, the “truth” is a dangerous gift. Once you know something, you can’t unknow it. Once you know the truth about Santa Claus, you will never again understand and relate to him as you do now. So my question is: Are you sure you want to know?”

Brief pause…
Son: “Yes, I want to know”
Mom: “Ok, I’ll tell you: Yes there is a Santa Claus”
Son: “Really?”
Mom: Yes, really, but he’s not an old man with a beard in a red suit. That’s just what we tell kids. You see, kids are too young to understand the true nature of Santa Claus, so we explain it to them in a way that they can understand. The truth about Santa Claus is that he’s not a person at all; he’s an idea. Think of all those presents Santa gave you over the years. I actually bought those myself. I watched you open them. And did it bother me that you didn’t thank me? Of course not! In fact it gave me great pleasure. You see, Santa Claus is THE IDEA OF GIVING FOR THE SAKE OF GIVING without thought of thanks or acknowledgement.
Son: “Oh.”
Mom: “So now that you know, you’re part of it. You have to be Santa Claus too now. That means you can never tell a young kid the secret, and you have to help us select Santa presents for them, and most important, you have to look for opportunities to help people. Got it?”
Help each other this Christmas and…be kind ❤️ ~Author unknown (maybe my friend @Melissa Moffitt-Craft) thank to @mikearney for the photo on unsplash.com

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