Have an Underground Fuel tank?
March 20, 2018

Have an Underground Fuel tank?

Do you own an Underground Fuel Tank?

If you haven’t already, please consider getting it removed. Did you know that oil spills from leaking underground storage tanks at homes and gas stations are the largest single threat to groundwater quality in the United States? According to Attorney General Eric T Schneiderman

So you can understand why Insurance companies do not want to take on this huge risk. Most if not all standard insurance companies will not insurance your home if you have an underground fuel tank. With Homeowner’s insurance only costing approximately $1,500 depending on your home annually; and one tank leak costing up to $400,000 in pollutant costs–this would bankrupt the insurance companies if they took this on.

Just a friendly reminder from your local insurance agent to think about the protection of your family, your friends and your community.

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