Can That be Insured? Weird and Eclectic items people choose to insure
June 2, 2020

Can That be Insured? Weird and Eclectic items people choose to insure

Can that be insured?! The Weird and Eclectic Items People Choose to Insure

You can’t insure everything, or can you? You would be surprised at the strange policy requests insurers see and agree to! However, you may not be able to buy these strange policies from just any insurer. Standard insurance providers like The Hartford, Travelers and Met Life most likely will not insure abnormally high risks; on the other hand, high risk insurance providers, like Lloyds of London will do so – at a price. Let me give you a few examples:

            a picture of a green alien                             a golf ball and club that says, "hole in one"                                     a clip art photo of red heels on a woman


  •   Alien Abduction Insurance: Because why not? Per a Google search, a London-based insurance company has sold over 30,000 of these policies to concerned businesses and citizens.


  •    Recall the rather famous soccer player, David Beckham? He took out one of the biggest “sporting insurance policies” in history to insure against getting sick, disfigured or injured. His $195 million policy covers his entire body and – not just his ruggedly handsome face ! Additionally, Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t far behind with a $144 million insurance policy on his irreplaceable legs!


  • Call it a rump, a derriere, a fanny or a butt – however you call it, who has the most famous booty? Our personal favorite is the singer/actress J-Lo, more commonly known as Jennifer Lopez, whom takes the cake with a $27 million insurance policy for her famous backside. Another example is singer Kylie Minogue, whose gluteus maximus is also insured at a very special price of $5 million.


  • A casual game of golf anyone? Have you ever wondered how a local country club can offer a brand new car or a $10,000 prize for a Hole-in-One? Odds are they don’t have that kind of cash on hand but have purchased a “Hole-in-One” insurance policy for the event. Given that the odds are typically in favor or the country club, it can be a good bet that it will not have to pay out! Nevertheless, I personally happen to know of certain insurance agent, whom has hit a “Hole-in-One” on one of the prize holes at an insurance golf tournament.


  •   Familiar with “Born in the USA?” Can you guess what “The Boss”, aka Bruce Springsteen, has a $5.5 million insurance policy to cover? His vocal chords – of course!


  •       How much would you value your left-hand middle finger? Keith Richards, the guitarist for The Rolling Stones, insures his precious digit at $1.6 million.


  •     For those familiar with the classic ZZ Top song “Legs,” celebrities that know how to use them such as Taylor Swift, Tina Turner, Heidi Klum, Mariah Carey and other leggy divas insure their shanks from $2.2 million (Heidi) to $1 billion (Mariah). My question to them – how does gaining a few extra pounds over the winter or during a pandemic affect that policy?!


 If you have a question on whether or not you can insure it? Call us today to discuss your bizarre but important insurance policy request.


Svendsen Agency offers hole in one insurance, event insurance and other weird and eclectic insurance with some of its specialty carriers. Call today to hear more.

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