Why try Svendsen Insurance Agency?
November 19, 2021

Why try Svendsen Insurance Agency?

Happy Friday Everyone! 

How do you feel when you hear the words, insurance agent? Are you picturing a car salesman who wants to overcharge you? Yeah, that’s what I used to think too.

Now I am going to challenge you to think of a different picture the next time you hear the word, insurance agent. Think- advocate. Think-neighbor in the community. Think-local, small business.

We aren’t Geico. We are a small insurance agent, just down the street from you. When you call us, you will talk to a person. We may have seen each other before at the local Woodbridge Economic Development, or Woodbridge Social or NEBCO,

or the Food Bank -Walk for Hunger. Our office is just off of the 15 on Lucy St between the 63 and the 69. You can’t miss us. We have Viking Horns. See if you can find us in the below pictures. Stop by next time you are in the neighborhood and hopefully we can change your mind about insurance agents

a crowd for a cause

Svendsen Insurance Agency provides personal and business insurance through out Connecticut;

New Haven, Hartford, Litchfield, Fairfield, Middlesex, Windham, New London and Tolland counties.



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