What is Personal Injury Coverage and do I need it?
April 7, 2020

What is Personal Injury Coverage and do I need it?

Firstly, we at the Svendsen Agency are very grateful you have chosen us to represent your insurance needs, and this is why we are always looking out for our clients. With the changing insurance environment a standard Homeowner’s policy may not be enough protection anymore.

It has come to our attention that Personal Injury claims are at an all-time high. What exactly is Personal Injury protection and what does it cover? Personal Injury protection covers losses that are not bodily injury or property damage losses to others but are instead “non-economic” losses such as psychological, mental anguish or any of the below:

·         Accused of Libel/Slander

·         False arrest/detention/imprisonment

·         Wrongful eviction or wrongful entry

Social media has helped bring this type of coverage to the forefront. For example: your teenage child may post a mean tweet or Instagram post while in a dispute with a friend; you reprimand them, ground them and make them take it down when you find out about it; a month later you receive a letter in the mail as a summons for you to appear in court from the family of the friend who is claiming that your child slandered their child and has caused mental anguish.

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With a standard Homeowner’s insurance policy a legal defense of this suit would not be covered and you would be liable for all of the out-of-pocket legal and court fees. As a cautionary measure and peace of mind, literally for a few extra dollars, you can add this coverage to your existing policy and have liability limits anywhere from $100,000 , $300,000, $500,000 or even $1,000,000.  

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