More beer for Connecticut
August 16, 2019

More beer for Connecticut

More Beer for Connecticut? Yes Please!

As Connecticut residents, we imagine you have seen  the big rise in craft breweries and cideries in the last few years. Though Connecticut was a bit late to the craft brewing scene when compared to neighboring states, e.g. Maine, Vermont and beer giants like Oregon and Colorado, the number of craft breweries in Connecticut is growing quickly. Some say it is the fastest growing industry in the state. Things didn’t start to change until 2012 when the state legislature finally amended liquor laws to allow breweries to serve beer on premises. Prior to this law, breweries could only give tastings and yet were still required to obtain a liquor license (read story). As a result, the number of breweries has jumped from just a few in 2012 to over 60 in 2019.

Beer is on the rise again after Governor Ned Lamont signed a bill on 6/24/19 that allows craft breweries to sell more of their product onsite to the public. And not just a little, A LOT! The former law only allowed about 9 Liters of beer to be sold to the public to take home – you can now purchase up to 9 Gallons a day.

Beer on tap

“Sometimes it’s good for government to get out of the way and let small businesses grow and prosper,” said the Governor in an interview with WTNH at Tribus Brewery.

Not only will this create more revenue for small businesses and the state, but it also creates more jobs and stability in the economy. And for beer drinkers, this is a win-win! More breweries, more beer and more fun ! 

Some tasty, local breweries to know and try if you haven’t yet are:

Bad Sons in DerbyKent Falls Brewing in Kent, Connecticut Valley Brewing Company in South Windsor, East Rock Brewing in New Haven, New England Brewing Co in Woodbridge, Thimble Island Brewing in Branford, Hog River Brewing in Hartford, Black Hog in Oxford, Half Full in Stamford, Veracious Brewing in Monroe, Tribus in Milford and many more! Reference Yankee Brew News for current and upcoming craft brew news and events.

Happy Beer Hunting Connecticut!

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