Annual Insurance review
May 12, 2020

Annual Insurance review

Have extra time on your hands? What better time to review your insurance policies?

Annual Insurance Coverage review

Just like you may not look forward to going to the doctor, but you know it’s good for you so you schedule it every year anyway? You should look at your insurance the same way. Sure, it’s not sexy or glamorous but if you’re an adult; you should be reviewing your insurance policies every year. It’s easy to sign up for auto insurance when you need it at 19 and not review it again but the truth is—life changes.

Example:  Life at 19 years old; maybe you were in college and needed the cheapest Auto policy to get you on the road. You drove a 1988 Chevy Corsica and didn’t need Comprehensive or Collision and you chose Statutory liability limits of $25,000 per accident and $50,000 for the entire policy year. Now, at 26 you just started your new job, own a 2020 Mercedes worth $60,000 and are carrying the same auto policy, you have just moved into a gorgeous new apartment that is lavishly decorated, own several laptops and an expensive bike. Do you even have a Renters Policy?  Life has changed and your coverage should too.

Questions that should prompt insurance review:

Have you gotten married, had children, moved?

Have you made any expensive items purchases that would be worth insuring-such as an engagement ring fine art or expensive bicycle?

Are there any discounts you might be eligible for now?

Is it time to shop for a new insurance agent? 

Would life insurance be a good idea for you, your spouse or your children?

What better time than now to take the time to evaluate your policies to do what’s best for your family and situation?

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