About Us

At the Svendsen Insurance Agency, we fully understand the importance and trust you are giving us by placing your insurance planning in our hands. It is not a commitment we take lightly and we understand your need for security in today's dynamic environment. We know that you rely up on us to provide insurance solutions that will have an impact on your personal and business decisions.

From our earliest years, we have retained the personal touch with each of our clients.

Ernie B. Svendsen earned his first insurance accreditation in 1942,  and founded the agency in 1946 after having served our country in World War II. The Svendsen Agency continues to protect people and their assets today. Over the years they have acquired experience by evaluating, recommending and implementing insurance policies for thousands of individuals and organizations with diverse requirements.

His son, Jon Peter Svendsen, joined the agency in 1982 and became Principal  in 1995 with the same integrity, and commitment to protect and educate policy holders as his Father.

A note from the Owner/Principal Agent :

"The most satisfying part of our work is when we have earned the trust and respect of our clients and they show it by continuing their relationship with us.

I am convinced that we, at the Svendsen Insurance Agency, have the perfect team of professionals to serve your insurance planning needs.  

Building trust and inspiring confidence is our goal with each and every policy holder.

At the Svendsen Insurance Agency we provide service the old fashioned way, while embracing today's technology."

~Jon Peter Svendsen


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